Caroline grew up in a typical 1930’s semi home where her parents suffered from mental ill health, gambling and drinking….all of which resulted in physical and mental abuse.

At the age of 16, Caroline moved out of home and after couch surfing (which included sleeping In a car!) and trying out various jobs for a few years, she fell into Estate Agency and bought her first property at 19.

For most in the industry, the job was a way to get a flash company car, wear the suit and earn lots of commission.

For Caroline, she felt humbled that strangers would trust her with their largest asset and she would help them emotionally during their move, whether the reasons were bereavement, divorce, job relocation or financial.

Over the years she perfected these skills to ensure that she helped them in the best way possible and now owns one of the Leading Estate Agents in Hayes, Middlesex. Broads Property Services.

She will regularly pop up on your TV screen as she has appeared on ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ sharing her expertise.

One thing she had learnt growing up is that she loved to help people even if it was just giving ‘A slice of happiness’ so alongside her career and being a single mum she started investing in her journey in life coaching to learn how she could improve herself and help others to the best of her ability.

It had been a bumpy journey in her private life up until that point. She had had a number of failed relationships, used recreational drugs and drank excess alcohol as a way to escape the way she felt about myself. If it wasn’t for her close circle picking up the pieces at regular intervals, her life could have turned out very differently.

Caroline trained for several years and is a Master Practitioner in NLP, Instructor in Hypnotherapy and Practitioner in Reiki.  Despite being highly skilled within all these fields, she came across a new Psychological understanding which blew her away.

So much so that she now no longer practices NLP, Hypnotherapy or Reiki and concentrates solely with this approach.  The transformations that she has witnessed in prisons, with those affected by Homelessness to the rich and famous in Hollywood showed proof that every individual can escape the emotional prison they live in with a very simple truth – something that we weren’t taught at school.

Now, Caroline wakes up each day, living in the present, feeling blessed to have learnt what she has and know and love who she is without having to feel the urge to have a ‘blow out’ to escape the inside pain she used to feel.

Even the ripple effect has improved relationships around her and her ‘day to day’ life is continuously improving with minimal effort!

She’s passionate about helping those in the community…

Caroline invests a lot into the Charity sector where her ‘A Slice of Happiness’ Programmes support those affected by Homelessness in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Caroline has won a Mcvety Research Support Award from the Three Principles Research & Consulting ( to assist her with her Homelessness project.

In December 2018 she was also endorsed by the Human Research Review Institute for Integral Studies in the State of California.

In August 2018, she was invited to Buckingham Palace in recognition of the voluntary work she does with those affected by Homelessness.